The Scotlanders on the Burns Trail

January is that time of year when one of our most famous sons steps in to hog the tourism limelight and haggis sales go through the roof! Robert Burns was an awful lot more than just a poet and his works and influence have been endlessly studied and admired over the centuries. Despite the plethora of statues of him around the world and the fact that Auld Lang Syne is second only to ‘Happy Birthday’ as the most sung piece of work in existence, he was in reality a relatively simple man. Being so close to the source we’re fortunate then to be able to walk in his footsteps, frequent his favourite spots and reflect on his inspirations.

While January 25th sees Burns Suppers going on all over the planet, his roots were very much in south west Scotland so we set about finding the best spots to celebrate the brilliance of the bard.

Neil was in Dumfries for the Big Burns Supper along with Laura, where Haggis was the order of the day. Meanwhile Patricia was in Glasgow and Edinburgh getting immersed in the full range of Burns celebrations in the Central Belt.



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